Friday, March 4, 2011

I Made It! Well, sort of.

Alas, it is Friday. This marks my fifth day in a row of working. Doesn't sound like much but this is the first time this year that I have been able to work 5 in a row. The only accommodation I needed was to go in late today. Last night I was so exhausted I wanted to cry. Or pass out. I think about how I used to work third shift, 10 or more days in a row like it was nobodies biz. I miss that version of me. I'm still mourning that person although I have had 4 years of the new version of myself. 
I'm still working out this RA diagnosis, it's still new. I now know my enemy and I will fight it. I will live my life. Mark my words. But I look back and I see the stealth attack that it mounted. It's been here since I had my son and I didn't recognize it. I'm having a moment that I can only compare to when I saw "The Sixth Sense" at the movie theater.  It all makes sense. The pieces finally fit. There is a sense of peace that comes with that. Knowing I'm not crazy (at least for that reason). 
Now it's off to get ready for work. Maybe I will celebrate this week's achievement with a latte. Or a Cinnamon Roll. Or both.

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